Pooper Scooper Services

Sure, it doesn’t sound like the most glamorous job, but if you don’t want to do it, neither does anyone else. What does that mean? Business for you.

“We had a customer tell us that we saved their marriage because they used to fight over the dirty job of scooping,” said Ashlee Nestor, owner of doggie doo not! “We currently make about 1,400 stops a week scooping poop.”

The company’s website explains that doggie doo not! will come and scoop up feces in kennels, dog parks, office grounds, apartment complexes and yards — or as they put it “anywhere a dog goes.”

The cost of services is based on the number of dogs, size of the area to be cleaned and desired frequency, according to Nestor. “We invoice monthly with most customers choosing to be automatically charged on their credit card each month.”

The majority of your efforts will be spent on reaching customers, Nestor said, who added she started marketing the company by mailing flyers to dog owners in her town. Now that the business has grown, she uses yellow trucks with the brand’s logo along with “word of mouth from happy customers.”

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written by Grace Reader